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Wrinkles are a natural, and unwanted, part of the aging Process caused by prolonged exposure to Sunlight, Facial expressions, smoking, dehydration, some medications, and more.

1.  Facial expressions

Individuals who repeatedly  frown, squint, or smile will produce fine lines and wrinkles earlier than other whodon’t do these facial expressions.  Every single time we use a facial muscle a groove is etched beneath the surface of the skin.

When you’re young the skin springs back, but when you get older your skin loses its flexibility and springing back becomes tougher resulting in additional permanent grooves.


2.  Genetic factors

Aside from the elements talked about above, a person’s genetic makeup also influences how wrinkly we will turn out to be, and when and precisely where the wrinkles will begin to appear.
If your parents produced wrinkles earlier than other people, your probabilities of also producing wrinkles are significantly higher than somebody whose parents producedwrinkles much later in life.
Shield Your Body from the Suns Ultraviolet Rays. Individuals who tend to put on hats and lengthysleeves generally create wrinkles later in life in comparison to other individuals who do not take these precautions.
4. Occupations
People who work primarily outdoors (i.e farmers, fishermen, surfers) tend to expose themselves to more sunlight and thus tend to become wrinkled earlier than others.
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1.  Drink Water:

Sometimes it’s very difficult to drink the right amount of water. But we don’t have a substitute. Carry a bottle of water with you. Try to finish it prior to lunch time.

2.  Consume Antioxidants

Anti-oxidants are these molecules that manage and stop free-radicals. Free-radicals will be the leading cause of pores and skin harm. You are able to stop this by consuming much more antioxidant. You will find face creams that state that they include anti-oxidants.

When you are eating, have more fruits or veggies deep in color because it states the darker the color, the higher the content of antioxidants in them. This will include blueberries, raspberries and veggies like broccoli, spinach and so on.

3.  Wash your face

Wash your face often with cold water. Wash your face at least times a day every day. Wash it as soon as you wake-up in the morning and at night prior to you going to sleep. Make this a natural habit to follow. After you wash your face, use a good face cream that will aid the collagen building process (which will  help preserve the elasticity of your skin). You should use  a scrub as often as two times per week this will eliminate the lifeless pores and maintain your soft skin.

4.  Choose the Right Skin Care Products

When looking for skin care items, there are three main ingredients you should look for. 1.Read the label and look for a serum containing antioxidants such as vitamin C , this will help your skin glow; 2.Incorporate RETINOIDS to your routine, this will stimulate collagen renewal and increase cell turnover. 3. Use an alpha hydroxy acid exfoliator to remove the top layer of dead cells and to maintain youthful-looking skin.

5.  Select the Correct Eye Brow Shape

Your Drooping eyes may be altered (somewhat) by arching the brows and extending them outward toward the temples (instead of curving the tail downward) The arch is definitely an essential component of the brow, and ought to be a gradual and extremely gentle lift.  Don’t do it yourself, let an expert do it for you.

6. Don’t Apply Too Much Foundation

Avoid foundation which consist of a powdery base. Use a nice transparent or tinted moisturizer. Use a primer before applying your foundation. Heavy foundation has a tendency to seep into the lines and grooves of the face. The primer will fill in the lines, minimize dark circles, and will help your makeup last.

7. Avoid Makeup With Glitter

Vibrant, daring eye shadow and products that shimmers and glitters will make wrinkles much more obvious.  These products don’t flatter or appear appealing on your face or eyelids (which are starting to display small lines or have rough patches).  Dark colors mixed with lighter neutrals would be the better option for your eyelids. Don’t use liquid liner, use a soft pencil liner instead.

8. No Stress

We have been provided a life to value and by no means should we be overwhelmed by stress.  Anytime you feel you can no longer bear the pressures of the world, try praying or talking to your best friend. Find a hobby.  Paint the fence.  But whatever you do Don’t Smoke!

9. Spend less time sunbathing:

Even in the winter season sunlight can be bad for your skin. Those cruel ultraviolet rays can make your skin sag and wrinkled over time. Do not head out without the  right sunscreen lotion.

10. Apply Sunscreen Daily

Doesn’t matter if it’s raining outside or hot and humid, you should always add sunscreen (Use at least an SPF 30) to your daily routine. Exposure to the Sun causes wrinkles and maybe even skin cancer.

11.  Fake A Tan

Want to get some color without baking in the sun?  here’s 1 simple method . Try a self-tanner.  There is nothing better than a wholesome glow on your face and body.  Apply a light coat and touch up the blotches  with a blush that matches your complexion.

12.  Don’t Smoke

Steer clear of Cigarettes Cigars etc. If you value your body and physical appearance, you simple need to stop smoking. Smoking dries up your skin and add no nutritional value. Try chewing gum  next time you get the urge to smoke.