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Wrinkles are a natural, and unwanted, part of the aging Process caused by prolonged exposure to Sunlight, Facial expressions, smoking, dehydration, some medications, and more.

1.  Facial expressions

Individuals who repeatedly  frown, squint, or smile will produce fine lines and wrinkles earlier than other whodon’t do these facial expressions.  Every single time we use a facial muscle a groove is etched beneath the surface of the skin.

When you’re young the skin springs back, but when you get older your skin loses its flexibility and springing back becomes tougher resulting in additional permanent grooves.


2.  Genetic factors

Aside from the elements talked about above, a person’s genetic makeup also influences how wrinkly we will turn out to be, and when and precisely where the wrinkles will begin to appear.
If your parents produced wrinkles earlier than other people, your probabilities of also producing wrinkles are significantly higher than somebody whose parents producedwrinkles much later in life.
Shield Your Body from the Suns Ultraviolet Rays. Individuals who tend to put on hats and lengthysleeves generally create wrinkles later in life in comparison to other individuals who do not take these precautions.
4. Occupations
People who work primarily outdoors (i.e farmers, fishermen, surfers) tend to expose themselves to more sunlight and thus tend to become wrinkled earlier than others.
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